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My thoughts on American Idol

I know alot of my friends won't be interested in this so feel free to ignore.

I am thoroughly disapointed with American Idol. I can't believe how much they screwed Blake over. We'll start first things first though. Melinda going home last week. Talk about getting it wrong!!! I really think it should have been a Blake/Melinda finale. Many Jordin fans disagree but I don't believe that Blake was in the bottom 3 last week. I think it was Jordin but because she was the producer's chosen one this year, they couldn't dare put her down there with Melinda. No, they had to make it seem like Blake was the reason Melinda was going home. They had to put him in the scapegoat position, not their precious pageant queen Jordin. So, to begin with, I don't think America got it right on who should go to the finale.

Last night started out really good. Blake did excellent on his reprise of You Give Love A Bad Name. Somehow he was able to change it up a bit and wow us again. There were some shaky areas but he rocked it!!! Jordin's version of Christina Aguilera's Fighter really didn't impress me. I don't think I'm being bias or too hard on her by saying that. Virtually noone can measure up to CA and it was a risk taking that song on.

For the second round Blake did She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. I loved it!!! I thought he did excellently on it. I guess I can agree slightly with the judges when they said that they hoped for something a little more WOW but I really think he did great. Jordin's reprise of Broken Wing by Martina McBride was great! I can give her that. She was a little over-emotional and I do prefer her original performance of the song to the one last night.

Now we're to the coronation song, This Is My Now. I may be alone in this but I thought the song sucked. The lyrics were lame and the song was obviously tailored to Jordin's voice. I thought Blake did great on it seeing as how it was completely out of his element. That song was so far from what Blake is used to and is all about that I was highly disapointed that they made him sing it. I think they should have had 2 different songs, one that fit each contestants/voices. It gave Jordin the upper hand and Blake basically got screwed. It's like asking Jordin to beatbox her way to the American Idol title, it's just too far out of her realm of comfort and ability.

I like Jordin but she also annoys me. I think she's a good singer and she would probably really benefit from winning American Idol. Her whole "breakdown into tears" was a little sickening. Who knows, it could have been genuine but all season we've seen her crocodile tears. We all saw her on Chris R's elimination when she was rejoicing for herself, realized the camera's were on her and dissolved into a deep depression complete with fake crying. I know, I know, she's just 17 YEARS OLD but it gets old fast.

The judges.......can bite me. I cannot believe how they were towards Blake. True, they had some good things to say to him. Randy gave him the first round and Simon seems to genuinely like Blake. They gave him a big fuck you in the second half of the show though. Their blatant pimpage of Jordin was sickening. What the hell was with Randy telling Blake "you don't have to feel bad about it" when he finished the coronation song? He was pretty much telling him that he sucked. Then the comment "you wiped the floor with Blake" to Jordin just pissed me off.

My vote is that next year, we get rid of the judges. No more judging from Randy, Paula and Simon. Really, why are they even there anymore? I can understand them being there in the beginning but once we get to top 12, they should bow our or at least start JUDGING!!! And when I say judging, I DON'T mean saying "It wasn't your best but.....you look beautiful tonight" or "I just wasn't feeling it dawg." Simon is the only one this season that I've really seen give some constructive criticism and it wasn't much. If they're going to judge performances, why don't they actually judge it. For instance "you started out really good but once you hit the falsetto you got a little shaky. Maybe if you slow your breathing and quit rushing the lyrics it would come out a little better". Ok, so they have done a bit of that this season but I've seen more pimping of certain contestants than the constructive criticism.

And another thing......"it's supposed to be a singing competition". How many times have I heard that from non-Blake fans? If it's supposed to be a singing competition than Melinda should have been in the finale. Maybe they should change the name of the show to "American Singer" instead of American Idol. To me, personally, an American Idol is someone who has the WHOLE PACKAGE. Someone who can sing (and yes, I truly love Blake's voice and think he can sing), has stage presence and is just an all over great PERFORMER. Jordin doesn't even move around when she sings, Yet Blake gets slammed for "jumping or dancing around".

Honestly, because of that stupid coronation song I hope that Blake doesn't win. I would hate for him to have to record that dreadful song as his first single. He needs to put out She Loves The Way (an original written BY HIM) as his first single. He needs to take the runner up title and give American Idol a big fuck you for the way they've been this season. No matter what, I will be a Blaker Girl for life!! Blake is a winner in my eyes and is heads and tails above the others.

(Disclaimer: No, the winner has not been announced yet and I could still be surprised by him winning tonight but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure the producer's will get their way with a Jordin win).

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