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Blaker Girls Project

For you Blaker Girls that wanted to do something special for Kristi and Andrea, I've created a PayPal account. I'm in the process of getting it verified through my bank and so if you're nervous about doing anything before that, hopefully it'll be done in the next day or 2.

We talked about a couple things we could do and personally, I think first we should get the community a paid account. I think the girls would really appreciate that! After that, if we can get enough people to donate, I would love to get them something a little more personal. Someone suggested massage gift certificates and I love that idea!!! Anyone else have any other ideas?

We can discuss exactly what we want to do here but I really wanna get on doing something soon. Although I know that there's been a little talk about sending something to Blake for the finale so if we need to wait a week or 2, we can. I promise you that every last penny will be accounted for and will go towards Kristi and Andrea. If you're nervous about doing the PayPal thing, feel free to say so.

So what are your guys' feelings on doing this?

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