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Cole's shit talking

December 5th status:

well its that time again hate haters and retarded blondes who cant keep my name out there mouth, so im holding a special for all my haters out there got beef with me now ur chance my holiday special for the season is and all around ass whooping i already got my top three anyone eles want added to that list please hmu i just wana crush all this right quick male female it dont matter no more u got an issue please let me know i got no problem correcting you.
oh one last thing if ur too scared to fight me one on one please bring your friends ill still trash all of you by my self i swear to god im tired of letin shit roll off lets get to bumpin fuckers

Comment on Leslie's status December 5th:

U get ur shit strate cunt. Renee told me she didnt tell u nothin like that so then u must be callin her a lier. And learn to trust andy bitch and grow the fuck up u aint nothin but a trick serously i dont see why ur alive honestly ur kinda a waste of breath and space even tho u dont take up much of it a waste is still a waste speakin of which im gona stop wasting my time on an egotisical pile of usless flesh an bone thanks boo.
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Once Upon A Child

Has anyone ever sold baby clothes/items to Once Upon A Child? I saw someone else mention that she got $74 for the stuff she took in. I can't find the post now to ask her exactly how much she took. I'm debating whether to list to EBay or sell the stuff to OUAC the next time we're in Columbus!? 
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My thoughts on American Idol

I know alot of my friends won't be interested in this so feel free to ignore.

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(Disclaimer: No, the winner has not been announced yet and I could still be surprised by him winning tonight but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure the producer's will get their way with a Jordin win).
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